Earth Beamer II

Installation. Moss, water, slide projectors, arduino.

Two slide projectors become microscopes that magnify and project a series of 24 seemingly still images onto the same surface. Instead of photographs, each slide frame contains a moss herbarium: a living, moist and changing micro-ecosystem. The superimposition of images creates new plant motifs, similar to a double exposure. This "live projection" is looped at 24 seconds per image, in contrast to the standard 24 frames per second of motion pictures.

On show during “Swamp Optical Trance”, solo exhibition at Case Projektraum der Fotografie , Cologne, 2022 

Case Projektraum der Fotografie: “Swamp Optical Trance” (Solo show). Cologne, Germany. 2022 
International Photoszene Cologne, Germany. 2023
Interference Light Art Project: “Water Matters” Tunis, Tunisia. 2023